Questions fréquentes

Are swimming shorts allowed?

We will allow swimming shorts providing they are above the knee in length. Generally speaking however, any loose or long clothing is prohibited on health and safety grounds.

Allowed : 

Prohibited :

Is swimming equipment available to buy or hire ?

We do not hire out swimming equipment but swimsuits, trunks, towels and other items are on sale in our shop.

I am pregnant, can I go in the Baths ?

You must ask your doctor’s advice before visiting the Baths. If your doctor gives you the go-ahead, saunas, hammams and jets should be avoided and swims should be kept very brief.

What sort of outfit should I wear for massage?

We recommend you to wear a dry bathing suit or underwear. For Thai massage and Shiatsu please wear loose clothing or a jogging.

Do you offer Wifi access ?

We do not have Wifi at the Baths but network access is available at the Grand-Hôtel by request.

Are the outdoor pools open if it is raining ?

Yes, however the outdoor pools may be closed temporarily during severe storms.

What is the weather like here?

You may visit the homepage of the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology

Do you offer massages for pregnant women ?

We do not offer specific massages for pregnant women. Moreover, you must ask your doctor’s advice before booking a treatment.

Why is my child under the age of 4 not allowed in the Baths ?

A lot of clients visit the Baths to relax which is not necessarily compatible with the presence of young children. In addition, the depth of the pools is not suitable for very young children in the interests of safety.

Do you accept payments in Euros ?

It is possible to pay in Euros but we only accept notes and provide change in Swiss francs.

Can I pay with Reka-Checks ?

We do accept Reka-Checks but we do not provide change.

Is there a picnic area ?

We do not have a picnic area. A bar is available serving various sandwiches, drinks and other snacks.

Do we pay for parking ?

The car parks for the Baths and the hotel are free of charge.

What is the exact address for the Bains de Lavey (for GPS) ?

Les Bains de Lavey, Route des Bains 48, 1892 Lavey-les-Bains

What is the temperature and depth of the pools ?

The temperature of the large outdoor pool and the indoor pool is between 34°C and 36°C while the Olympic swimming pool is 32°C (temperatures may vary depending on weather conditions and wind). The depth of the large outdoor pool is 1m30 and the Olympic pool and the indoor pool range in depth from 1m10 to 1m60.

Are swimming caps compulsory ?

Swimming caps are not compulsory but long hair must be tied back.