General information about our opened services

General Information

General Information

Following the latest decisions of the federal authorities, we are pleased to announce the reopening to the public of our outdoor pools from the 3rd of March. Until further notice, the indoor areas of the Baths are kept closed to the public and are accessible only to guests staying at the Grand Hôtel des Bains.

In summary…

Open to the public :

  • Outdoor pools of the thermal baths (with changing rooms and showers)
  • Grand Hôtel des Bains
  • Wellness Center
  • Boutique des Bains

Open only to hotel guests :

  • All the outside areas of the Baths, and, only for hotel guests, the inside areas of the baths (saunas, hammams, etc.)
  • La Table des Bains restaurant

Temporarily closed :

  • Le Chalet des Bains restaurant
  • Bar Arc-en-Ciel
Access to the Baths & Reservations

Access to the Baths & Reservations

Since the partial reopening of our Baths on March 3rd, we offer you a unique rate and access to the Baths to take advantage of the outdoor pools accessible to all and in compliance with current measures (10m2 per person). Moreover, the online reservation of your access is mandatory before coming to the site, allowing your comfort and safety thanks to the management of the simultaneous number of persons.

Offer from March 3 : 2-hour access to the baths at CHF 18 (single rate)

Online booking is mandatory : click here to book your accesses

For Gift Voucher holders wishing to use their voucher despite the restricted access time, it is possible to do so by contacting us by e-mail, specifying your desired date and time, as well as the number of bathers. No deduction can be made if a voucher is used during this period.

Subscriptions ( 5, 10 and 20 entries), as well as invitations, are temporarily suspended due to current limitations. They will be automatically extended and usable as soon as the situation will be back to normal.

Useful contacts

Useful contacts

For any specific request or question related to one of our services, you will find the contacts below to contact. Our teams will do their best to answer you as soon as possible.


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